Eco Steps

Being green in more than just color is what I strive for with Ms. Veronica’s. The future is now and mother earth desperately needs out help. Some of my supplies and processes include:

> paper that has been salvaged. By that, I mean open and unopened reams of paper being discarded by commercial print shops. Commercial presses cannot use paper from reams that has been opened or have been sitting around for a few years because they create jams and other maladies for the machines. But these papers are more than welcomed in my studio.

> the French Paper  company is another one of my favorite paper suppliers. They are one of the last family owned paper mills in the United States. Read about how they’ve been freindly to the environment since 1915;

> the flour sack towels are 100% natural, unbleached cotton. A great alternative to paper towels and napkins. they are absorbent and long-lasting ;

> using unbleached osnaburg cotton for the shoe and travel bags. This eliminates more chemicals being released into out air and water.

> using non-toxic, waterbased silkscreen inks;

> using untreated wood beads as the end on drawstring bags.

> my fabric products come with minimal packaging that is recyclable, down to the paper ribbon;

> a large part of the shipping materials are salvaged materials ie cereal boxes and other paperboards.

Yes, I try to keep Ms. Veronica’s ’green’ as eco as possible.