• Jersey City’s New Urban Beach

    Posted on June 11, 2012 by in Ms Veronica's News


    I said to my boss today, “Wanna go for a walk?”. She said, “Sure! Wanna go to the beach?” I replied with an enthusiastic “OF COURSE!” because ‘beach’ is my middle name, but I thought she was kidding. So, we went walking, my boss Jess, my coworker Grace and myself – walking where we’d walked before to the Hudson River waterfront and lo and behold, we ended up at the beach.

    This patch of ‘urban’ beach was opened in Jersey City in May, 2012.  Sorry, no dips in the water, but the Sand was really nice. There’s beach chairs and umbrellas and even a couple little kiddie sized chairs. I think I’ll be taking my lunchtime walks in that directions more often.

    Quick reminder (that just goes right along with today’s beach theme) – the ‘Kiss A Fish’ Printable card will only be available until This Thursday so click here to download now. And if you’re ever in Jersey City, I’d love to show you my little, local, ‘urban’ beach.



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  1. Juanita says:

    An urban beach…well I never! Looks like a great place to catch some rays. LOVE the hairstyle…super funky! :-)