• Images by the numbers – Etsy & Facebook

    Posted on June 4, 2012 by in Ms Veronica's News

    Hi folks, Happy Monday!

    While sites like Pinterest do not limit your images to a specific size, sites like Etsy and Facebook do. Of course, I must take this opportunity to plug the ongoing June Pinterest Party – do join us. Now on to the good stuff.

    I found these a little while ago and wanted to share them. You can download them directly from the respective sites. The first is from Jeffery Johnson of The Handmade Family. It’s a map of image sizes for Etsy from banner to avatar. I will note that the shop listing thumbnail size is just a scaled size of you full shop listing image so there is no need to size your images to that size. But this is a great reference to keep near your work computer. I know it would have helped me avoid going back to Etsy to find images sizes several times.

    The next is for the new facebook Timeline layout. This is from HubSpot. HubSpot is a great site for all kinds of online networking/website info. I honestly find them a little spammy (several posts a day) – maybe I just need to see if I can change my notification settings on their site so I don’t receive every new post. But along with the image guide below, they also have a neat infographic with the main dos and don’ts for the new timeline layout. Click the image below to download. (It downloads directly from HubSpot).

    Do you have any great image or website reference sheets that you’ve found helpful?

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