• My “I Did!” List

    Posted on December 12, 2011 by in Ms Veronica's News

    from thehopetree

    To all my fellow Artisans and small business owners out there: I read a post by empapers on ScoutieGirl about making a list of accomplishments for the current year, before tackling that 2012 to-do list. Sounded like a good idea since I felt like I had such a challenging year.

    by TranquilityFarms

    So here goes:

    - I created my own website from scratch and with no prior web-design experience.

    - I took the plunge and officially registered my business – Ms. Veronicas Handmade. (Makes me smile).

    - I put myself out there (some of you know how hard it is).

    - I tried my hand at a second business as a Dove Chocolatier. It’s been a good start too.

    - I came up with three completely new products and expanded my selection of cards.

    - I gave back – to my family, friends and community.

    - I’ve learned to love me more (faults and all).

    - I’ve consistently blogged for a whole year (I still can’t believe that).

    - I managed not to fail any of my college courses.

    - I learned basic web design, html and css included.

    - I allowed myself to be afraid and be okay with it. (the ‘being okay with it’ part was actually hard).

    - I submitted work for two national organizations and had a poster selected that is not hung on Ellis Island.

    - I did all this while working full-time. And I thank God for the strength and ability He gave me.

    by Honey's Treasures

    Yup, I did it and I’m ringing my own bell. I think a celebratory trip to the Jjimjilbang (Korean Spa) is in order.

    I’d love to know what you did this year…


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  1. All Unwound says:

    GREAT list! I too have learned a ton of things due to starting my own Etsy shop this year. I relate to your “putting yourself out there” and “being OK with the fear” comments. Having my own business is worth the effort!

    Congrats on your poster!

  2. Nichole says:

    You did A LOT!! Its cool to look back and see how much was accomplished.