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    Posted on December 1, 2011 by in Ms Veronica's News

    plug by onktokatuh

    It has definitely been an adventure since moving my blog at the end of August (from wordpress.com to self-hosted wordpress). And being the researcher I am I did a lot a information digging before and during and since. And you already know that even the experts have opinions. Well, I tried some of their suggested wordpress plugins and was not so pleased with their performance. So here are my faves and so far, they’ve been working like a charm.

    AntiSpam Bee

    Before Antispam Bee, I used Block-Spam-By-Math-Reloaded. I thought it would be simpler, than a few others that just had too much run around for folks to post their comments. But, earlier this week I started getting spam comments again – almost 40 on Tuesday. So, I looked around again and tried AntiSpam Bee. It’s been two days and I am very pleased. It works like Akismet (but it’s free!) filtering the spam comments and sending them to the spam folder. You could even set it to delete them on a schedule.

    timer by lovintagefinds

    WordPress SEO

    I had an expert recommend a ‘simpler’ plugin to me – the expert and the plugin shall remain nameless. But I’m glad I’d used this first. It might take up a bit more real estate on the backend with a couple more options, but the feedback it gives it great for a SEO non-expert like myself. It allows you to see your post the way search engines do with a count of your keyword(s) and where they occur. It at least helps me feel like an SEO expert.


    So most everyone is on a mobile device that can access the internet. So it just makes sense that a plugin to make my site mini-browser compatible is in order. WPTouch produces almost the same interface you get with a wordpress.com blog, without any programming on my part.

    A couple other free ones that I like and use are PunchTab and Page Links To. PunchTab I use for my rewards program and Page Links To does just what it says, links a page to a url. Easy.

    There are a couple others that I would also recommend – Formidable and Ecwid. Formidable allows me to create those super-easy giveaway entry forms, but I also use it for my contact form and image upload form. This comes in a free version, but a paid license is required for some features. Ecwid I use for my shop, but it’s functionality also extends to widgets, a mobile version and a full facebook plugin. All these features are free, but their monthly subscription gives some additional uses like creating discounts and certificates.

    I know in the past few months, several people have migrated to wordpress (.com or .org) What plugins or native functions have you found really useful?



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